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Anatolian Culture Blog
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Hello, my name is Dilek. "Dilek"which is a Turkish name means "Wish" in English and that is from where "Wish Tree of Anatolia" comes from. I have always been very interested in cultures and traditions and that is why I wanted to pursue academic studies in this area and have begun my undergraduate degree at Ankara University Department of Folklore Studies. 


Anatolia has been located as an intersection point of different religions and cultures throughout the history. Every belief has become existent by putting its mystery into history of this land. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Central Asia civilizations have all influenced beliefs in the region. Hittites, Ancient Greeks and The Roman Empire, Byzantium, Seljuq dynasty and The Ottoman Empire have collectively formed the cultural mosaic of Anatolia. As a result of its  diverse cultural background, Anatolia has a very rich and blended history which makes it unique and interesting to explore. For this reason, the more I have learned about Anatolian culture during my studies, the more I have had the feeling to share it with the people all around the world.


The mission of Wish Tree of Anatolia is to introduce some essence of Anatolian and Turkish culture to the world. In this website you will find information on different and interesting aspects of Anatolian culture and traditions. In Explore Anatolian Culture section, you will find my blog posts about Anatolian culture and traditions which I will be preparing as a combination of my own views, daily practices and real life examples supported by academic knowledge. In Anatolian Handicraft section, you will find some information and visuals on traditional Anatolian handicraft, in this section you can find the link to my Etsy shop where I sell my own handmade items. If you are interested, I am gladly ready to ship my items anywhere in the world! :)

Hope you will find my website interesting and enjoy your visit...

Best wishes from Turkey.


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