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Handknitted Anatolian Socks
Turkish "Patik"

A Heart Warming Tradition from the Hands of Anatolian Women to the World

Socks knitting is a deep-rooted tradition in Anatolia which dates back prior to 19th century. Handknitted socks, which are called “Patik” in Turkish, are one of the most common symbols in Anatolian culture and handicraft. Motives and patterns of the knitted socks may vary from region to region or city to city which reflects their uniqueness and cultural traits.

Features of the socks may vary according to their intended use, number of needles used when knitting the socks, type of the yarn, knitting technique as well as used patterns and motives. The socks can be knitted for men, women or children. Socks for men are usually more simple and colourless with less or no motives whereas socks for women usually have multiple colours with fancy figures and motives on them. Different types yarns including wool, acrylic, mohair or cotton can be used when knitting the socks. They can be knitted with 2 needles or 5 needles, 5 needled socks are more complicated and harder to knit compared to 2 needled socks, their fine work be recognized from their small figures and patterns as well as their multiple colours.

2 & 5 Needle Socks Knitting Techniques

The socks can be given as gifts to each other as a reflection of good will and care. Handknitted socks are also an important item in a bride’s dower chest. In Anatolia tradition, it is very common practice that relatives and close family friends or neighbours give handknitted Anatolian socks as a gift to young women so that they can include these handmade socks in their dower chests.

Today, handknitted socks remain as a tradition from our grandmothers which symbolizes goodwill, interest and care. They are the gifts that have been created with love and care by the hands of traditional Anatolian women for their grandchilds, daughters, sons, friends, relatives, neighbours... For this reason, in addition to keeping feets warm in cold winter days, they also give a nostalgic and emotional feeling that warms the cockles of people’s hearts...

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